Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life Goes On...and So Does My Blog

After a long first year of college, I was looking through YouTube video blogs and realized that it had been at least a year since I had created my own blog...and only posted once. So, I decided I'd give this thing another go around. A lot has happened in the last year. You can probably infer from the title of this blog that I am a One Direction fangirl. Sadly, life has taken time away from me to listen to music and keep up with my favorite celebrities, so I basically have a Spotify chalk full of awesome music that goes more or less untouched for weeks on end. Oh well. Some things, however don't change; such as core life goals and ambitions. Even after flunking two core classes for my major and having an adviser suggest I change my major, I am still a Nursing major...I'm just making a temporary location change. For the next two years, I will be working through General Ed and getting my LVN before transferring back to my University of choice and earning my RN. I have been in a wonderful relationship since my one and only post, and could not be happier; so far, we've been together 9 months and are going strong. I'm sure you'll become well acquainted with him in future posts. My joys in life still include hair care, singing, and reading, but I have recently added my quest to learn ASL to the list of hobbies. I am absolutely fascinated by the deaf culture and am hoping to be able to work with deaf patients in the future. Anyway, I think I've written this post to death, so I will leave it with that and get started on my hair care posts :D Thank you all for reading this and I hope you've enjoyed it! If you are going through a major life change, just remember that no matter how upsetting change can be, life goes on and can always get better!

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